“VR Playgrounds – Castle Challenge” is a virtual reality, action – co-op adventure game that combines peaceful social platform and many great action filled activities from casual sports to ancient castle exploration. It’s up to you to decide on your favorable activity, be it alone or with your friends, you can be a part of a big and friendly community.

Adventure starts in beautiful island where You must capture the 18 castle levels and find the all mighty energy crystal. You can take this challenge alone, or in co-op with up to 3 more friends.  In the castle, you must find the way, secret and hidden places, fight the defenders, solve the Indiana Jones type traps and puzzles! During brakes, you can just spend time in the island, and play chess, shoot the bow, bowling, or other recreational games. Spend the crystals on new skins, access to the mini games.

Genre – VR, action – coop adventure

  • Find friends and allies! As a social platform, game encourages you to meet new people, talk to them in real time and invite them to join you on your activities. Players from around the world can socialize and/ or compete in the leader-board.
  • Take a challenge alone or with up to 3 Your friends. The auto- scale defense difficulty depends on number of players, so there will be action for everyone.
  • 18 progressive castle levels, with flying bombs, shooting crystals, and mighty bosses, witch you will have to defeat during your journey;
  • For types of weapons: bow, sledgehammer, pistol and the grenade, with different powers. You can carry only 2 of them, so the teammates could be useful through the journey.
  • Secret places with treasures, shortcuts and Indiana – Jones type traps and puzzles are waiting on the way.
  • VR Playgrounds – lobby island, where you can meet the friends, play mini games like chess, archery, golf, bowling, while resting from the castle siege or waiting for the teammates.
  • You can purchase the skins and artifacts for the treasures you found in the castle.
  • Family friendly experience! All game content is suitable for children, with many friendly environment and cruelty free combat. No violence – just adventure action. You cannot hurt people
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