Crystal Raiders VR

Genre: action - adventure, arcade, coop, multiplayer

,,Crystal Raiders VR” is our first, full scale, immersive action – adventure VR game. Avialable for Early access NOW!

About this game

,,Crystal Raiders VR” is a VR, action – co-op adventure game. You must capture the castle and find the all mighty energy Crystal. You can take this challenge alone, or in co-op with up to 3 more friends.  In the castle you must find the way, secret and hidden places, fight the defenders – animated crystal gems, solve the Indiana Jones type traps and puzzles! Spend the collected treasures on new skins, access to the games.

This is PC – VR platform game, dedicated for players from 12 Years, who want to have fun alone or with the friends and play a high-quality  VR game with no violence.

1080x1080 2 (1)

Connect with people from all around the world in „Crystal Raiders VR“!

Co-op game play of „Crystal Raiders VR“ done by "FUDGY"!

Crystal Raiders VR 1st boss fight: MACE