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Gamep play of Neolithic vertical slice


“Neolithic world comes to life in a virtual reality, bringing emotional and adventurous stories of the prehistoric people.”

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„Neolithic“ a single player narrative, first person virtual reality adventure, with alternative endings based on moral choices and survival/crafting elements.


In this Virtual reality narrative game, the player finds himself/herself in the Neolithic period of human and animal migration, and transforms from hunters/gatherers to farmers in Southern Europe. The main character Kiipluu lives in a close tribal community. After a tragic flooding event, he finds himself in new lands and has to overcome many challenges in order for his people to live peacefully. Throughout his journey, he meets diverse tribes and wildlife. The player socializes with new cultures, meets and loses friends, and while playing starts to learn about the Neolithic period in Europe. The ways of life, social bonds spice of mystic and shamans, hunting animals, crafting primitive but handful crafted tools.

Expected time to complete 10 hours

Main platform – Sony PS VR2, PC VR

Developmentt started 2021 Q2,

Vertical slice 2023 Q1  

Built on Unity

Investment to vertical slice  – 554K EUR

  • EU Media program 148K EUR
  • Lithuanian Coucel of Culture – 57K EUR
  • Sel Funded NIEKO – 350K EUR

Burn rate – ~44K EUR / month

Time to release – 24 months

  • Investment Needed  – 965K EUR
  • Marketing & Publishing services
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