Started the development of “Neolithic –  The prehistoric VR tale”

Date: 2021.07.29

We have started the development of “Neolithic –  The prehistoric VR tale” in November of last year.  A long journey begins and we are very exited about it. Since then, an experienced BAFTA winning, multiple Emmy nominated writer Chris Hastings has joined our Neolithic development team. His work includes the award winning multi-million selling game Prison Architect. Chris will help with scenario and dialogues.

But he’s not the only talented person who jumped on board. The game is moving along so the soundtrack is essential at this point to experience the general feel of the atmosphere. We arė thrilled to announce starting collaboration with Juan S García-Herreros, on project Neolithic soundtrack. Juan just finished his work with Hans Zimmer on Dune.  And now it is time to search for inspiration and sounds for Neolithic – a prehistoric VR tale. 

You can listen to more of  Juan S García-Herreros work here: