Virtual & Augmented Reality Solutions

VR in Marketing / Museums & Library’s / Location based experiences
/ E-commerce /Education

Exhibitions, history, sports, education, marketing, training, shopping – all can be immersive interactive and gamified. We can build it for flat screen, but it is more exiting in virtual o augmented reality. If You have idea – let us know, and we will build it as unique experience.

Museums & exhibitions

Virtual and augmented reality helps to enrich the exhibition, provide additional information, teleport users via time or space and make them feel the experience.  We have possibilities which exceeds our ideas – space, scale, time action – everything can be created in virtual reality. Just let us know your vision.

Niekoplay - VR virtual reality and AR game art services
Niekoplay - VR virtual reality and AR game art services

Marketing and product introductions

With augmented reality packaging you can offer interactive experience to your customers. You can enrich the product packaging with augmented digital content either it is memorable experience, virtual tour or additional information about usage. 

Create the virtual environment for special product experience. Factory tour? Magical environment, or virtual reality game? Almost everything is possible to strengthen the positioning or experience.

Location based experiences

You want to guide your visitors through the secret City or park attractions? Create the gamified stories about the objects, provide interactive and immersive information. We have developed the augmented reality application for cities and parks. Every need has different solution, let us know Your idea, and we will look how to gamify it.

Niekoplay - VR virtual reality and AR game art services

Let’s build something amazing together.

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