Virtual and Augmented reality studio


We provide VR, AR, XR services!

At “Nieko” we build custom Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for museums, libraries, public and corporate clients.

Unique Experiences

Present your products and services in a unique and immersive way,if you are business or engage your users if you are education or culture institution.

Expositions and Exhibitions

Attract more users in Exposition booth, or expand your gallery or museum with interactive content in Virtual world, and let your users experience it!


We gamify rehabilitation, sports, psychology, exhibitions… You name it. We could do it on a flat sreen, but isn’t VR more fun?

AR VR Development services!

At “Nieko” our team has been working with educational games for over 10 years. We started to specialize in VR with the first Oculus DK2 Kit, and learned our lessons so you do not have to. We build custom Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions for museums, libraries, public and corporate clients. We developed for most popular devices from simple phones to Hololens.



VR Playgrounds

Meet up with your friends and VR enthusiasts in this unique and immersive VR world full of mini games.

Coming out 2020

Vilniečio ID

History gamification for children using Geolocation, AR and mobile games. 

Suitable for – Android, iOS.


Tool to make VR and AR without programming. Make immersive presentations yourself!


Island of Books

Combined Virtual reality and PC enviroment for online group psichology sessions.

Suitable for – Open VR, PC.

Time Portal

This virtual reality experience takes visitors of any library to Italian renaissance artist’s fresco “The School of Athens” where players can meet and talk to ancient Greek philosophers.

Suitable for – HTC Vive.

Emotion Cards

Gamification of emotion study for children from families of social risk. 

Suitable for – PC.

Sunny Farm

Interactive app introduces children to various farm animals and pets.

Suitable for – Android.

Baltic books “To be Banned”

Add-on to original book exhibition which alows reading books in VR.

Suitable for – Open VR.

Kinesiotheraphy football

Gamification of kinesiotherapy  to make rehabilitation process more fun and effective.

Suitable for – HTC Vive

Clients and partners

Nacionalinis vėžio institutas
Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė
Lietuvos nacionalinė Martyno Mažvydo biblioteka
Mokslo technologijos
Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology: BPTI
Biznio mašinų kompanija
Tag of Joy
Vilniaus miesto savivaldybės centrinė biblioteka

Our Team


Director – Generalist, 3D


Business developer






Concept Artist


2D Artist


3D artist



We are Hiring!

Business development  specialist.

Core skills: 

Ability plan with actionable objectives
Strong presentation skills
Networking skills to liaise with business partners and clients

We offer:

Liberal work culture, agreed salary, love and respect, occasional barbecues..

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Europos Sąjungos remiami projektai

2019 m. birželio 7d. pasirašėme paramos sutartį su LVPA ir pradėjome įgyvendinti Projektą pagal Europos sąjungos fondų investicijų veiksmų programos 1 prioriteto “Mokslinių tyrimų, eksperimentinės plėtros ir inovaicjų skatinimas” įgyvendinimo priemonę “InoConnect” . Projekto tikslas – plėtoti tarptautinę partnerystę ir tinklaveiką, per EĮT ieškant galimybių dalyvauti tarptautinėse ES MTEPI iniciatyvose. projektas finansuojamas iš Europos Regioninio plėtros fondo