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Here we will write our latest news about games in creating progress and more.

Date  2021.07.29

Thrilled to announce starting collaboration with Juan S García-Herreros, on project Neolithic soundtrack. Juan just finished his work with Hans Zimmer on Dune.  And now it is time to search for inspiration and sounds for Neolithic – a prehistoric VR tale. 

Niekoplay - VR virtual reality and AR game art services

Date 2020.12.10

We are very happy to announce that Chris Hastings, an experienced BAFTA winning, multiple Emmy nominated writer whose work includes the award winning multi-million selling game Prison Architect has joined our Neolithic development team, and will help us with scenario and dialogues.

Niekoplay - VR virtual reality and AR game art services

Date  2020.11.16

We have started the development of “Neolithic –  The prehistoric human tale”.  A long journey started and we are very exited about it.  

Niekoplay - VR virtual reality and AR game art services

Date 2019.06.07

2019 June 7 We signed a support agreement with LVPA and started to implement the Project under the European Union Funds Investment Operational Program Priority 1 “Promotion of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation” implementation measure “InoConnect”. The aim of the project is to develop international partnerships and networking, seeking opportunities to participate in international ES MTEPI initiatives through the EĮT. the project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund

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